Teach you a few ways to remove rust from copper products

Teach you a few ways to remove rust from copper products

the_author:admin    the_time:2020-2-16

What are the methods to remove patina from copper products? Let Xuelong copper products tell you:
1. Kerosene, tooth powder rust removal method: first wipe it with a cloth dipped in kerosene, and then wipe it with tooth powder, patina can be removed.

2. Remove embroidery from vinegar: The green patina on copper utensils can be dipped in vinegar with a cloth and then wiped with an appropriate amount of salt or cuttlefish bone powder.

3. Sea salt rust removal method: If the rust on the copper utensils is very serious, you can put the sea salt in the molten wax to dissolve it, and wipe with this solution to eliminate the copper rust.

4. Lemon juice derusting method: If rust is formed on copper utensils, you can wipe it with lemon juice and salt. If you want to make it brighter, you can wipe it with cigarette paper or sawdust and add some salt. The effect is very good.

5. Talc powder, fine wood rust removal method: use 160 grams of fine wood, 60 grams of talcum powder, 240 grams of wheat bran together, pour about 50 grams of vinegar, mix into a paste, and apply on rusty copper On the device, patina can be removed after being blown dry by the wind.